Weight loss Monday: 20 April 2015

Weekly weight loss: 0.4kg
Cumulative weight loss: 9.2kg

More unpredictable fluctuations. I have clearly reached a plateau.

Ran the Derby 10k this week so was always less likely to lose a lot (better to eat plenty and not feel like you have run out of energy) so should return to winning ways this week.

Risk factors:
* Accounts deadline so greater chance of eating to combat stress
* Plan to have pork pie as part of lunch today
* Craving chips!


Weddings and punctuality

Around 3 years ago, I liveblogged Steph/ven’s and Lady Chocolat’s wedding. This was me showing that I have my finger on the youth pulse. Liveblogging, I ask you!

I commented that we were on time and that this was very out-of-character.

At the most recent of RJ’s family weddings, we contrived to follow the stupid iPhone satnav to a church about 40 minutes away from the real church. The only reason we didn’t go into the (wrong) church was that the happy couple were both outside and were clearly from somewhere in Southeast Asia, which RJ’s cousins are not.

And so we arrived, only just on time, just as the bride was arriving. Flawless.

I think we might be running in the background of the arrival photos.

I think it is good to have a “thing” that people associate with you, but I am not sure that this “thing” is the right “thing”.

On the other hand, my other “thing” is that I tend to upset/offend people, so I’m going with tardy. It is the lesser of two evils.

Weight gain Monday: 13 April 2015

Weekly weight gain: 1.0kg
Cumulative weight loss: 8.8kg

A predictably bad week, but not one that I am too upset about. Lots of exercise done. Lots of food consumed!

Doubt I will lose this week either, as I am running on Saturday. This means tapering off any exercise and also being more focussed on getting in some energy than on weight loss.

But back on the wagon the week after that!